Face it. It’s time to revamp your party throwin’ skills, make some people jealous, and get down and dirty with our colored cornstarch at your next event. Oh, and I forgot to mention how amaze-balls everyone will think you are when you throw the “Party of the Year”! So, go ahead, say it with me – I – want – to – ¬†COLOR – MY – PARTY!! Perfect, next step. Take 10 seconds and think about that very lucky person or group you have so lovingly deemed worthy of a color party. What colors popped in your head? We have 4 color options in 75 gram packets that are patiently waiting for you to buy them:

  • Awesome Orange
  • Gorgeous Green
  • Not-So-Mellow Yellow
  • Poppin’ Periwinkle

Not feelin’ these colors? Did I already say that we can custom match your dream colors? Oh, ok, well, we can custom match your dream colors. Just email or mail us somethin’ with your dream colors and our cornstarch colorin’ guru will whip up a sample. And stop by the gallery to feast your eyes on his colors in action.

So birthday parties are a given, right? Good thing we pride ourselves on thinkin’ beyond those outer areas of the box. And lucky for you, we live to impress, I mean,¬†share, so here comes some knowledge awesomeness:

Graduation After-Parties – C’mon son! You throw a color party for your Senior and maybe they will remember who you are when they’re away at college. Get yourself some easy and well-deserved parent points! I can see it now. There are 13 stops (color stations) along the route of your Senior’s life–one for each year of school. So very bitter sweet, but more sweet than bitter. Stop cryin’! What are you waitin’ on? Hit us up!

Homecoming Football Games – Close your eyes and stroll with me. Pretend you’re in high school. I know, I know, right? It’s Homecoming. The glammed up part of the night has passed. It’s 4th quarter with 5 seconds to go. 5–4–3–2–1 You won! Hundreds of fans run onto the field to celebrate good times! Bursts of your school colors shoot up in the air! Is that a Soul Train line formin’? No way, is that you comin’ through the clouds of color servin’ up your best “in your face” victory dance? It is! Now pose, and pose, and pose, cause this is definitely goin’ in the yearbook. Ok, open your eyes.

5K Run or Walks – As crazy as it sounds, people really do pay $25 to $50 per person to 1) exercise, 2) get filth flarn filthy covered with colored cornstarch, and 3) support charities. Our crew just volunteered (and supplied the party powder) for a 5K that raised $70K for disabled children and adults! The must see proof that our color is the pooh is in the gallery!

Corporate Event – Raise your hand if you think “color storming” your boss or possibly a short list, you know what I mean, of your co-workers would be a ba-jillion times better than those “Team Building” exercises you’d give your last donut to have erased from your memory? Well, good. We all agree.

Hit us up! We got this! (423) 618-5515